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A survey of more than 2,000 drivers by the RAC showed widespread confusion about the changes with a third of motorists (36%) unware that tax discs were being scrapped.

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Novelty Discs

Some 47% did not know when the change was due to take effect, 63% feared there would be a rise in the number of untaxed cars on the road and 44% reckoned the change would actually encourage people to break the law.

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Classic Car Tax

Fewer cameras in rural areas could lead to skipped payments, the RAC warns. Chief engineer David Bizley said: There are clearly many people who still believe that the humble tax disc is a simple yet highly effective way of ensuring all motorists pay their VED.

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Logos and Mascots

This already happens with insurance and adds an average of £33 to the premiums of the law-abiding majority who pay their insurance. Motorists will want reassurance the rules will not give rise to a new generation of tax-dodgers.

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Tax Disc Reminders

You will not believe the quality of these deluxe premium Replacement Reminder Tax and MOT Discs maybe because you did not the get your Tax Reminder Letter from The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in Swansea.
We have dozens of colourful images to encourage your creative thinking and to help you decide which design you wish to display on the reverse face of your new Disc.
All our Discs are digitally printed and finished with the option of date matches to your particular vehicle.
We pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality printed products and exceptional customer service.

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Order your Tax Disc Reminder today! The Carwasp Tax Disc Library is the largest in the world and and is the best resource for you to choose from. Match your Classic Car, your Prestige Vehicle or choose a cheerful reminder with just one click!